Pennsylvania Nursing Home Worker Charged With Abusing Elderly Resident

162017_132140396847214_292624_nA 28-year-old employee of a Pennsylvania nursing home was arrested on May 19, 2016 and charged with misdemeanor criminal charges alleging neglect of care of a dependent person, reckless endangering another person, simple assault, and harassment. The nursing home worker was released from custody after posting $10,000 bail and has a preliminary hearing scheduled before a judge. The employee is reportedly no longer employed at the Pennsylvania nursing home.

The nursing home staff reportedly found bruising under the eyes and on the chest of a resident early in the morning on May 9, 2016, and called 911. The responding police office interviewed the resident who allegedly told the police officer that “the big guy” had struck him five or six times during the period from 10:00 a.m. on May 8th to shortly after midnight on May 9th (the police were called a little over one hour later). The resident was transported to a local hospital for medical evaluation.

The nursing home worker who was identified as “the big guy” and another nursing home employee were interviewed by the police and reportedly stated that they had responded to an alarm in the resident’s room that indicated that the resident was attempting to get out of bed. The other employee, who has not been charged in the incident, reportedly observed that the resident’s eyes were dark but they were not black and blue at that time.

As the two nursing home employees were attempting to place the resident back into his bed, they allege that the resident was swinging a TV remote control at them. The former nursing home employee who has been charged with regard to the incident reportedly told the police that he had grabbed the resident’s hands and pressed them into the resident’s abdomen and that he had pushed his forearm against the resident’s head in an effort to get him to let go of the TV remote, and that he may have been too aggressive in doing so.

The former nursing home employee allegedly also told the police that he noticed a bruise on the resident’s face but thought nothing of it, stating that the bruising could have been on the resident’s face the entire weekend. The former worker also reportedly told the police that after the TV remote incident, the resident’s alarm activated several more times during his shift and that he went back into the resident’s room and placed the resident’s legs back into bed.


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