Plaintiff’s Facebook Postings Doomed Her Indiana Medical Malpractice Case

162017_132140396847214_292624_nAn Indiana woman sued her ophthalmologists, claiming that their care of her fell below the standard of care and resulted in her blindness. The 27-year-old plaintiff testified during the five-day Indiana medical malpractice trial that she became legally blind due to the defendants’ negligence. The plaintiff’s family members testified during the trial that the plaintiff could only read one letter at a time on her computer screen, and only when it is enlarged to full size.

After the plaintiff’s testimony and her family members’ testimony during the trial, the defense introduced into evidence her Facebook postings in which she described doing household chores, such as cleaning her home and doing laundry (the actual photos posted on Facebook by the plaintiff were not introduced into evidence).

The defense also introduced into evidence a traffic citation for driving without a seat belt that the plaintiff had received five months after she claimed to have become legally blind (the plaintiff and her husband testified that it was the husband who was driving at the time the traffic citation was issued, but the citation named the plaintiff as the driver).

The plaintiff’s Indiana medical malpractice lawsuit claimed that despite the defendant ophthalmologist timely and appropriately diagnosing her rare medical condition that caused excess spinal fluid to press on her optic nerve, the defendant committed medical malpractice when the plaintiff was not treated for her condition for two weeks and then another two weeks went by before her first follow-up appointment with the defendant.

The plaintiff also alleged that the defendant ophthalmologist failed to provide sufficient medication and over prescribed antibiotics.

The Indiana medical malpractice jury took less than one hour on Mach 4, 2016 to return its verdict in favor of the defendants.


Social media has become so woven into our daily lives that many people do not think twice about posting their every move on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. So many people seem to have so much free time in their daily lives that they mindlessly post every aspect of their lives – when they woke up, a photo of their morning coffee and donut, a video of their cat or dog doing something they think is unique and funny, a series of photos showing their clothing options for what they may choose to wear that day, an old photo of them from the 1980s or 1990s, and so on and so on.

But what heavy users of social media fail or refuse to realize is that their social media postings are snap shots of their lives that last forever. The unintended consequences of social postings, now and in the future, may never have been contemplated by the posters.

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